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Join us in our journey to engage, activate and advance investing for a sustainable future.

How we approach responsible investing at BMO GAM


Industry Recognition

2023 Awards
  • Institutional Connect Climate Change Partner Award1
  • Received FundGrade A+® Awards for the BMO MSCI Global ESG Leaders Index ETF (ESGG) and the BMO Sustainable Global Multi-Sector Bond Fund2


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Climate Action


Climate-action related milestones achieved4
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Social equality-focused engagements5

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Responsible Investment
June 12, 2024

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Responsible Investment

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Responsible Investment
April 18, 2024

Transforming businesses through climate strategy

As net zero evolves from ambition to action, the right corporate behaviours can help create a winning climate strategy.

As part of our investment process, we recognize the importance of leaving no stone unturned when evaluating investment opportunities for our clients and fundamentally believe in the value of sustainability practices. We explore these considerations in some of our investment processes, particularly when developing ESG-oriented investment solutions.

Sadiq Adatia
Sadiq Adatia
Chief Investment Officer

There is no denying that ESG considerations are mainstream risks that are multi-faceted and pervasive throughout society. Our Responsible Investment strategy aims to mitigate these risks and capitalize on opportunities for investors, paving the way to a sustainable future for all.

Nalini Feuilloley
Head of Responsible Investment
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1 Read more about the award criteria and methodology here.

2 Read more about the award methodology here.

3 This includes meetings voted on behalf of BMO GAM by a Responsible Engagement Overlay (reo®), a third-party engagement and proxy voting service for the period January through December 2023

4 A milestone is considered when a company makes tangible improvements in its policies and practices that align with our engagement and proxy voting activities. This includes engagements conducted on behalf of BMO GAM by reo® for the period January through December 2023

5 This includes engagements conducted on behalf of BMO GAM by reo® for the period January through December 2023